Senior officials



Bodunov S.B.Sergey Bodunov
 Director General  

Date of birth: September 15, 1969.
Education: Graduated from Chelyabinsk State Technical University in 1992 with specialization “Gyroscopic tools and devices”.

Professional Experience: since 1992 till present - research engineer at Medicon. Sergey Bodunov headed the development department of gyroscopic innovative products in 2000.

Sergey Bodunov is an active member in development of projects № 138 and 138A of the International Science and Technology Center, participant of international conferences and workshops on navigation systems.

Sergey Bodunov possesses a number of scientific works on gyroscopes. In 2003 he defended a dissertation (Ph.D in Technical Science).

January 2004 till present - First Deputy General Director, chairman of board of directors.

Responsibilities: development (manufacture, experimental works, testings) and improvement of HRG as well as developments based on HRG.

Bodunov B.P.Bogdan Bodunov
Designer General and founder of Medicon

Date of birth: March 3, 1945.
Education: graduated from Kazan Aeronautical University with specialization in “Gyroscopic tools and devices”.

Professional Experience: 1968-1991 Bogdan Bodunov had worked at Research & Production Association of Electromechanics.
In 1991 Bogdan Bodunov founded the JSC Medicon.


Key-activities of Medicon:

  • Development and manufacture of HRG for civil applications;
  • Development and manufacture of medical tools and devices.

Bogdan Bodunov has lead projects №№ 138 and 138A on development of a small-size resonator for civil application HRG (International Science and Technology Center, Moscow), he possesses a number of scientific research works and patents on gyroscopes.