Historic Background of the Company

 The JSC Research and Production Enterprise MediconThe JSC Medicon was founded in 1991 and consisted of employees former working at Research-and-Production Association of Electromechanics. Later on specialists working at other companies became its employees. Before the foundation of the company, the HRG development had been carried out in terms of R&D and for the manufacture principles of three-part HRG patent information of American company Delco had been used. The decision to produce two-part HRG with new information pick off and control algorithms different from foreign prototypes was made. This decision was based on analysis of diverse HRG applications particularly in space-based technology.

First business direction — “intellectual” gyroscope technologies

Great help in enterprise development and formation was relieved by the International Scienсe and Technology Center (ISTC) located in Moscow and founded in 1992 by the initiative of the governments of Russia, the USA, Japan and the countries of the European Union. The capitals (grants) provided by the ISTC in 1995 — 1998 allowed Medicon to make a success in development of a small-size resonator (projects №№ 138 and 138B) for the hemispherical resonator gyroscope of civil application.

Besides, one of the commercial results of the project 138 execution was the creation of unique equipment for balancing of HRG resonators. The high level of scientific-research works made it possible to launch quick production of the above-mentioned equipment and deliver it to Russian and foreign customers.

The solution of the problem of resonator balancing allowed to carry out the HRG development for use in so-called inclinometers (borehole probes) — systems determining the trajectory of a borehole used in gyrocompassing systems at the making of tunnels of complex configuration, in orientation systems of antennas for mobile objects to provide stable connections, etc.

Historical record:

1995 — 1998: development and production of small-size HRG resonator, carrying out of scientific and experimental research in order to determine HRG applications in systems of civil use, development of HRG resonator balancing unit.

1998 — 2002: launch, production, manufacture and delivery to the customers of HRG resonator balancing units , development of HRG for application in various systems of civil use, search for partners for cooperation.

2002 — 2005: manufacture and delivery of technological equipment for precision treatment of quartz parts, manufacture of small-sized HRGs for measuring modules and other systems of civil application, search for partners and customers.

2005 — 2010: development of small-size ARS (Angular Rate Sensor) units with electronic control and information pick off of new generation based on two-part HRG for inclinometry and space, research in the field of creation of inexpensive HRGs with metal resonators.

Second business direction — “intellectual” medical technologies

Success has also been achieved in the second business direction. The enterprise has carried out initiative scientific-research works in the field of medical products, launched its production and manufacture to satisty customers’ needs. The profit from sales of medical appliances was contributed into production of new appliances and for the increase in output.

During the last decade the output of medical products has grown drastically. High quality of the products has been proved by special certificates obtained at exhibitions in Russia as well as notes of Russian and European doctors. All this made it possible to win some certain sectors of markets in Russia and CIS countries.

Today the number of customers using Medicon medical products is more than 4.500 (organizations, companies, medical institutions, hospitals).

Cooperation with leading scientists on development and production of “intellectual” medical equipment became a new stage of the enterprise development. This equipment includes:

  • a compact digital photoelectric analyzer of blood and other liquids;
  • laparomodulator for location control of the tool, forming surgery spatium.

Historical record:

1991 — 2002: scientific-research works in the field of medical products, launch of production and manufacture of instruments for anesthesia and reanimation (laryngoscopes of various kinds, special needles), for surgery (special needles, trocars, dilator of wounds, dilator of ribs, lifting system, probes for phlebatomy), for gynecology (sets of vaginal mirrors, special needles, probes, dilators, etc.), laboratory and laryngal equipment, etc.

2000 — 2002: cooperation with scientists, development of software, electronic blocks, etc. Launch of redesigned medical equipment.

2002 — 2005: implementation of results commercialization for scientific-research works in the field of dedical products, registration of medical tools and equipment in CIS countries, search for new developments.

2005 — 2010: registration of medical tools abroad (in particular in China), market entry to other countries, implementation of marketing research with the goal of expending of produced medical tool nomenclature.