Development Strategy

At present the JSC Medicon has following strategic goals:

Knowledge-intensive gyroscopic technologies

  • Development and manufacture of gyro unit for satellite navigation based on electronic components resistant to the influence of special factors;
  • Implementation of R&D for development and manufacture of inexpensive HRG of high precision with minimal dimensions and energy consumption;
  • Development of inexpensive HRG based on metal resonator;
  • Implementation of research-scientific experimental works on creation of strap down inertial module based on HRG for environmental tests within space and well measurement systems, oil and gas pipelines;
  • Development of strap down inertial systems based on HRG for inclinometry and space

Knowledge-intensive medical technologies

  • Commercialization of company's own developments in the field of knowledge-intensive medical technologies;
  • Implementation of marketing research with the purpose of product nomenclature;
  • Health-care product market development in CIS countries;
  • Manufacture and delivery of new medical tools and devices to customers