Satellite navigation

Main performance of an Angular Velocity Sensor based on HRG (being developed):
Continuous operation time 15 years
General operation time 20 years
Random deviation of zero signal from standard 0.05°/h
Maximum rate ± 10°/sec
Angle noise 3 σ (per 10Hz) < 1”
Power consumption (4 axis) 6 W
Temperature range -30 ÷ +80°С
Readiness time < 30 sec
Vibration resistance within 35-1000 Hz 25 — 5000 g
Volume 2700 cm3
Weight 3 kg
 with redundant electronics 3.5 kg
Probability of failure-free operation (15 years) 0.775
 with redundant electronics 0.991
Free from electromagnetic and radiation interference  


HRG for satellite navigation  
Four identical measuring 
channels of HRG in FTR mode
Power unit
Communication unit
+ technological RS-232)


PatentSpace activity license № 884К dated 2008-02-26 
“Manufacture of Angular Velocity Sensor based on HRG for Spacecrafts of Scientific Application”.